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Ox main spring accelerator no 1
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Ox main spring accelerator no 1
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Price: 16.80 (19.74 incl. TAX)

Ox main spring accelerator no 1
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Ox m

Ox main springs are designed to replace standard springs in most air rifles

Ox accelerators and mainsprings  may result in your air rifle exceeding the 12lbs UK legal limit so should be used with caution.

ain spring accelerator no 1No.1: Airsporter Mercury, BSA Supersport, BSA Superstar, BSA Goldstar, Diana Original 35,45 & 50, 38 Relum, Air Arms All Models, HW85, HW55, CF16/20 SPRING MEASURES 21mm x 270mm, internal diameter is 15 mm.
No.2: BSA Meteor, Millbro, Diana G80 and 27, Norica, Baikal. SPRING MEASURES 19mm x 245mm, internal diameter is 13mm
No.3: BSA Superstar (12ft-pounds only), Webley (all models except Eclipse and MK3). SPRING MEASURES 20mm x 230mm, internal diameter is 14mm
No.4: HW35 (Diana Orig RWS 52, 48) SPRING MEASURES 23mm x 240mm, internal diameter is 16mm
No.5: HW80, Webley Eclipse SPRING MEASURES 23mm x 260mm, internal diameter is 15mm
No.6: HW77, HW97, Feinwerkbau Sport, also larger original models if the ultimate power required. SPRING MEASURES 21mm x 320mm, internal diameter is 15mm
No.7: ASI Sniper, Magnum (and all other ASI models). SPRING MEASURES 20mm x 230mm, internal diameter is 14mm
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