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6 x 42 rifle scope
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6 x 42 rifle scope
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Price: 123.79YTL (145.45YTL incl. TAX)

6 x 42 rifle scope
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6 x 42 rifle scope New range of superb monocoque construction one piece scopes finished in matt black. Finger 'click' adjusters, complete with a superb set of lens covers. Superb fully coated violet tinted lenses grve absolute clarity right to the edge of the sight picture. Absolutely unbelievable value!

AFFORDABLE PRICES - Teriy Doe testing the 6x42 In Airgun Wbrld - Massive 8x magnification and 56mm end lens for phenomenal light gathering. Read what John Marriot saId about the SMK 8x56 Scope when testing In Airgunner Magazine: "Quality is written all over this Scope, and for Its price, the optical performance Is astounding. The amazlngly clear sIght pIcture Is complemented by duplex-style thIck-to-thin crosshalr - and ft Is thick enough to see, whatever the prevailIng light condition. The best vaIue-for-money Scope In the worid today. Get one!
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